Voting Rights Litigation

Social media graphics are one of the ways the "Know Your Rights" campaign will reach out to Nebraska voters.

Nebraskans for Civic Reform is dedicated to protecting every voter’s right to cast their ballot free from any hindrance or impediment and sometimes that requires litigation.

If you experience voter disenfranchisement or suspect your right to vote may have been violated, please contact Nebraskans for Civic Reform and ask to speak with out Voting Rights Director at (402)904-5191.


Election Protection Program

NCR’s Election Protection Program works to ensure that every step in the voting process, from registering to vote to voting on Election Day, is accessible and available to every eligible voter. For the ten weeks prior to Election Day, NCR’s Election Protection Program assists voters that experience issues when registering to vote or voting early, either by mail or in person. On Election Day the Election Protection Programs sends over 100 Non-Partisan Election Observers to various cities across Nebraska to monitor polling locations, tracking average wait times, evaluating ADA accessibility and other important voter issues.

Election Protection Contact: (402) 904-5191, or @NebraskaReform

To volunteer as a Non-Partisan Election Observer please fill out the Election Observer Volunteer Form


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