Out of School Providers

N10857783_10154881644575497_340585513557267968_nebraskans for Civic Reform provides high quality Expanded Learning Opportunities for schools in both Lincoln and Omaha. NCR partners with agencies an
d non-profits to address the need for after school programs that extend the school day and provide a safe, enriching environment foNorric photo 1r K-12 students.

As a provider organization, NCR brings high quality, substantive programing to four Omaha middle schools, McMillan Magnet, Morton Magnet, Norris, and Monroe.

NCR specializes in authentic and meaningful project-based service learning programming including STEM, and Literacy support that state standards and align with the National Youth Leadership Council standards for Service Learning. You can find the NYLC’s standards here.

Contact Kent Day at (402) 990 8489 or kent.day@nereform.org  for more information.