Voting Rights Advocates!

As a Voting Rights Advocate, your job is to take action to vra-1make voting more accessible. Our job is to help. Check back here for information on legislative bills an proposals that impact the right to vote, opportunities to volunteer and encourage others to make their voice heard, and the tools and resources you need to improve the civic health in your community.
Current Call to Action
The Legislature voted to advance LB 75  from Final Reading (4/24). LB 75 now heads to Governor Ricketts for his signature or veto. He has five days (until Saturday, April 29th) to make a decision. If he doesn’t sign it, the bill becomes law. If he vetoes the bill, the Legislature has 5 days to vote on a motion to override the Governor’s veto. 
bCall Your Senator
So what can you do?
  1. Say THANKS to those senators that supported the measure and ask them to continue their support if there is a veto and to vote to override it. Vote count with senator contact info
  2. Ask Governor Ricketts to sign LB 75 into law on Twitter, Facebook, or by contacting his office using the talking points below:
  3. Volunteer with NCRSign up to volunteer here!
bWhy we need to restore the right:
  • Restoring civil rights, such as the right to vote, may encourage greater stability among formerly incarcerated individuals.
  • By disenfranchising individuals with felony convictions, we are further isolating them from participation in civil society.
  • Voting can instill a sense of obligation and responsibility to one’s community. Individuals who feel a connection to their fellow community members are less likely to victimize others. In one study, among individuals who had been arrested previously, 27% of non-voters were rearrested, as opposed to only 12% of voters.
Prior Votes on LB 75
1st Round of Debate – Vote Count
2nd Round of Debate – Vote Count
3rd Round of Debate – Vote Count

Be sure to log your activity and report your senator’s response!

Tips on Taking Action:
  1. Pick 1-2 key points you want to make on the bill or resolution, personal stories are even better.
  2. Identify yourself as a constituent
  3. Be respectful and kind when asking the senator to support LB 75 or oppose LR 6
  4. Share your experience with NCR! We use your feedback to guide our lobbying efforts. Email Shannon with updates on what your senator or their staff tell you. Email:

.Advocate Toolkit & Talking Points

Everything you need to be a Voting Rights Advocate. Tips, tools, and talking points for contacting your state senator to advocate for or against proposals before the legislature. Want help? Contact Policy Organizer Shannon Casey

Want more information? Check out studies and research on our Legislative Initiatives page

Upcoming Advocate Events!
Join NCR at one of our advocate events to learn more and take action. For more information contact Shannon at or call (402) 904-5191
LB 75 Final Push Parties! Sign up to volunteer here!
  • Phone-banks – Help us recruit advocates in key legislative districts
    • Friday, Apr. 28th, 2PM – 4PM, Omaha – Kumani Center (4200 N. 30th Street)
    • Saturday, Apr. 29th, 10AM – 12PM, Lincoln – NCR Office (1327 H St., Suite 102)
    • Sunday, Apr. 30th, 2PM – 4PM, Omaha – Kumani Center (4200 N. 30th Street)
  • Pizza & Postcards – Write letters to state senators thanking them for their support and asking for their vote to override the expected veto
    • Thursday, Apr. 27th, 12:30PM – 1:30PM, Lincoln – NCR Office (1327 H St. Suite 102)
    • Monday, May 1st, 5:30PM – 7PM, Omaha – Home of Bri McLarty (1807 S. 45th Street)