Voting Rights Advocates!

As a Voting Rights Advocate, your job is to take action to vra-1make voting more accessible. Our job is to help. Check back here for information on legislative bills an proposals that impact the right to vote, opportunities to volunteer and encourage others to make their voice heard, and the tools and resources you need to improve the civic health in your community.
Current Call to Action
Protect the right to vote in Nebraska, Oppose LR1CA
On March 2nd the Government Committee will hold a public hearing on LR1CA, a proposal to add language requiring a photo ID to vote into our Nebraska State Constitution.
Tell the Government Committee and your senator that you oppose LR1CA
  • Adding voter ID contradicts the strong voter protections in our state constitution. Elections should be free and there should be no hindrance to the voter.
  • The Nebraska Constitution declares that elections shall be free – the state can’t require a voter to pay to get an ID specifically for voting. It would cost the state millions to provide free IDs to voters
  • Voter is a harmful solution to a nonexistent problem. A recent study published in the Washington Post shows that strict voter ID laws suppress minority voters. The real problem is outdated election equipment and voter list software. Investing in our election infrastructure would do more to improving voter confidence.

Check out our Legislative Page for more studies and research to help you write your letter. And scroll down for more talking points!

How to submit testimony in opposition to LR1CA:

Written testimony: Draft a letter of opposition to LR1C and attach the letter to an email to Chairman John Murante. Specifically state in the email that your opposition be read into the record. Be sure to include your name, address, and full contact information on your letter. Email letter to 

In person testimony: Attend the Government Committee in person on March 2nd at 1:30pm. Contact NCR if you are interested in testifying and we’ll help you prepare your testimony. Call NCR (402) 904-5191 or

Contact your senator: Find your senator and their contact info on the Nebraska Legislature website. Call or write a personal note to your senator about why you oppose LR1CA. Consider sharing a personal story about how you or someone you know could be impacted. (You can also use this handy email form!)

Share with NCR what you hear back from the Government Committee or your senator with our Voting Rights Team! Policy Organizer Packy Colgan, or Voting Rights Director Bri McLarty, 

.Advocate Toolkit & Talking Points

Everything you need to be a Voting Rights Advocate. Tips, tools, and talking points for contacting your state senator to advocate for or against proposals before the legislature. Want help? Contact Policy Organizer Packy Colgan
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