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As a Voting Rights Advocate, your job is to take action to vra-1make voting more accessible. Our job is to help. Check back here for information on legislative bills an proposals that impact the right to vote, opportunities to volunteer and encourage others to make their voice heard, and the tools and resources you need to improve the civic health in your community.
Current Call to Action
Protect the Privacy of Nebraska Voters
In May, President Trump created the Voter Integrity Commission to investigate voter fraud and voter suppression in Nebraska elections. This past week, Commission co-chair Kris Kobach requested sensitive and private voter data from state election officials. With the request of this data, it is clear the Commission is more interested in purging voters than protecting them. Secretary Gale has announced that he will not release Nebraska’s voter information until he receives assurances from the Commission on how the data will used and protected. 
Tell Secretary Gale to not release Nebraska voter information to the Pence-Kobach Commission:

Additional Materials:

Tips on Taking Action:
  1. Pick 1-2 key points you want to make on the issue, personal stories are even better.
  2. Identify yourself as a constituent
  3. Be respectful and kind when making your request
  4. Share your experience with NCR! We use your feedback to guide our lobbying efforts. Email Shannon with updates on what the staff tell you. Email:

.Advocate Toolkit & Talking Points

Everything you need to be a Voting Rights Advocate. Tips, tools, and talking points for contacting your state senator to advocate for or against proposals before the legislature. Want help? Contact Policy Organizer Shannon Casey

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