Educator Resources

Nebraskans for Civic Reform works with educators across Nebraska to ensure that teachers have the resources they need to provide high quality educational and service learning opportunities for all Nebraska youth.

NCR has curriculum and materials that are customized for specific schools or teachers and follow state standards. The materials are replicable for use in any setting. Please view the materials below and feel free to use them however you feel they will be helpful to your program.DSC_1178

Civic Action Project

NCR’s Civic Action Projects (CAP) are service projects being implemented across Nebraska.  Service Learning and other projects include STEM, Health and Wellness, Literacy, and Civic Engagement.  Over 1700 students in 41 schools have directly benefitted from this and other NCR programs.

Contact Kent Day ( for more information.

Capitol Experience

The Capitol Experience is NCR’s signature civic engagement program.  Students learn to research and write legislation that is meaningful to them and their communities.  They learn to persuade through the hearing process and lobby on behalf of their bill.  Then they watch legislation, sometimes their own, being debated on the floor of the Unicameral.  All this is done in classrooms and in authentic hearing rooms at the Capitol.  NCR provides the partnerships, curriculum, and logistical support.  In 2014-2015 alone, 350 students from 6 high schools participated in this program.

Contact Amanda Barker at (402) 904-5191 or for more information.


Educator Resources:

War Memorial Walk Planning Guide

Public Art Walk Planning Guide

Wellness Warrior Health Guide

CIRCLES-Girl Empowerment and Careers Lesson Plan

Habitat Field Guide Activity List

Healthy Lifestyle Powerpoint