#givingtuesday-Give back to your community

Today is an important day to give back to your community and the civic fabric that NCR helps strengthen, by participating in #givingtuesday. We believe that by engaging and connecting Nebraskans and improving political participation in general, that we will enrich the civic culture of the state, revitalize an interest in community and increasingly retain […]

Build Up Omaha Award Spotlight:LD Richardson

L D. Richardson, Sr. is the Senior Pastor of the Mount Zion Community Church located in South Omaha and the Chairman of the South Omaha Violence Intervention & Prevention Community Coalition (SOVIP).  The SOVIP Coalition is striving to bring community agencies, residents, and government officials together to address the needs and issues related to violence and […]

Take Action to Expand Democracy!

LB 75 would expand democracy for people with a conviction history, removing the current two year wait and allowing individuals to register to vote once they complete their sentence. The Legislature passed the bill Monday, but this morning Governor Ricketts announced he wouldn’t sign the bill, arguing that a two-year wait is “not too much to […]

Strengthening Democracy Award Winner-Nebraska Department of Education

Creating a modern and robust democracy takes individuals, groups, neighborhoods, and communities working together. It also doesn’t hurt when you have a state institution charged with overseeing the education of 353,776 students that works hard every day to improve and advance civics education in our public schools. Fortunately, we have just that with our very […]