Capital Experience This Semester a Success!

One of NCR’s core and first implemented program is our Capitol Experience Days. The Capital Experience program works to create connections with youth through all forms of government. When coming to a Capitol Experience day, the students get to meet with representative from each branch of government, and get an in-depth look at what substantive work they do.  This […]

JOB OPENING: Part Time After School Provider Sherman

Job Description Part Time After School Provider Education: Associate Degree in Education or related field preferred Experience and Requirements:  Two years successful experience providing school-based or school-related programming Successful experience working with high risk children and families Excellent communication skills and ability to work with diverse individuals Prior experience in staff supervision preferred Spanish language […]

JOB OPENING: Re-entry Voting Rights Contract Organizer

Title: Voting Rights Felon Re-Enfranchisement Organizer Organizational Overview: NCR is a 501(c)(3) non-partisan, non-profit organization founded in 2008 to create a more modern and robust democracy for all Nebraskans. NCR achieves this by engaging our youth and adults in our community and building civic leadership skills. Once Nebraskans are engaged in their democracy NCR works to […]

Why AVR?

On November 8th approximately 830,000 Nebraskans cast their ballot, about 60% of those eligible  That’s high, but is it high enough? Could participation in Nebraska elections be better? We think so and that is why Nebraskans for Civic Reform wants to implement Automatic Voter Registration (AVR). Sign the petition to support AVR in Nebraska! Right […]

We Vote for That?

You’ll soon be handed on full ballot with plenty of names vying for your attention (or who knows, maybe you already got yours in the mail). Speaking of mail, you’re probably receiving about candidate flyers on the daily. Next week you’ll crack open the paper to see the sample ballot printed in all its glory. […]

NCR Welcomes Packy Colgan!

Packy Colgan is a long time advocate for social justice.  He has been employed and volunteered in many different non-profits ranging from grief support to homeless services to public health.  His work has been recognized by the Coca Cola Scholars Foundation and multiple departments within local governments and the University of Nebraska System. Packy is […]