Strengthening Democracy Award Winner-Judge Stephanie Stacy

Judge Stephanie F. Stacy was appointed to the Nebraska Supreme Court in 2015, making her the third newest justice on the court.  Judge Stacy holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and graduated with distinction from the University of Nebraska College of Law. Prior to sitting on the Supreme Court […]

Strengthening Democracy Award Winner-Bob Bednar

Bob Bednar is the school counselor at Pleasanton Public Schools in Pleasanton, NE, a post which he has held for 37 years. He also teaches the distance learning psychology and health career courses for Pleasanton. He began his teaching career in Omaha, after graduating with an education degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He received […]

Strengthening Democracy Award Winner-Paula Garcia-Sherman Community Center

Paula is the Recreation Supervisor for Omaha Parks, Recreation and Public Property Department responsible for Sherman Community Center and Benson Community Center. In her role as recreation supervisor Paula has worked tirelessly to grow programs through collaborative efforts in the communities that she serves. As supervisor of Sherman Center she is responsible for a 27 […]

Strengthening Democracy Award Winner-Melissa Peterson

Omaha South social studies teacher Melissa Peterson has believed in the importance of civic education throughout her 16-year teaching career, weaving lessons of government affairs into every class she teaches.  After receiving her Bachelors degree in Secondary Education and Psychology, Peterson went on to earn two Masters degrees, one in Political Science and the other […]

Love Your Unicameral!

Unicameral Postcard (2)In the light of Valentine’s Day, nothing deserves more love than Nebraska’s Unicameral Legislature. Especially since some senators want to turn it into a partisan Washington DC style legislature. So sit down with the chocolates that you bought for yourself and get your daily dose of history of the unicameral. The unicameral was […]