Build Up Omaha Award Spotlight:Eliza Perry

Eliza grew up in Maine and made a life-defining move to central Nebraska nearly five years ago to serve in the inaugural class of the Claire M. Hubbard Young Leaders in Conservation fellowship with The Nature Conservancy. As a Hubbard Fellow, she gained experience in articulating the need for nature conservation to diverse audiences and fell in love with Nebraska’s landscapes. That newfound love brought her to Omaha to continue advocating for grassland conservation through outreach and fundraising with TNC.

Becoming active in her neighborhood has helped make Omaha feel like her permanent home. Her experiences co-managing Gifford Park Neighborhood Market for the last three years have steeped her in a sense of place and introduced her to the power of public gathering spaces. Located in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Omaha, the market strives to be a welcoming place for everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, or language spoken. Eliza facilitated the translation of vendor and marketing materials into 5 languages, developed existing partnerships with Yates Community Center and Refugee Empowerment Center to raise awareness of the market among New Americans, and added signage to the market and around the neighborhood featuring the word “welcome” in languages commonly spoken by Gifford Park residents.

As president-elect of the neighborhood association board, she hopes to continue the work done by so many inspiring folks before and around her that has made Gifford Park an amazing place to live, work and play.

Eliza and her fiancé Matthew live surrounded by mentors and friends in Gifford Park behind the Community Garden and Adventure Playground (ie heaven).

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  1. Have known Eliza since she was a little girl, it is great to see her in this role of which she was made for. He vitality and caring for others will serve her well and all that come in contact with her in the future.

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