Build Up Omaha Award Spotlight:Jai’Den Washington

No instance of leadership is too big or small, which is why we chose to honor students in our Omaha after school programs for the work they have done in their clubs. We are excited to highlight Jai’Den Washington who is a first grader who attends our after school program at Lothrop Elementary School.
This is what Equasha Smith, the School Community Site Coordinator had to say about Jai’Den’s leadership in her after school program, “Jai’Den Washington

is a first grader who is always positive. He does an excellent job on his homework and he always the first one done with his homework and he is willing to help his peers complete their homework.”

Jai’Den also participates in Boys Scouts were he is learning how important it is to be a positive leader. These are concepts that he takes to heart and directly implements in how he interacts with his peers. His favorite club right now in the after school program is FitUcate, a class were he learns about healthy eating and participates in fun physical activities. Just yesterday Jai’Den was going around the school encouraging his classmates as well as his teachers.  Jai’Den is a positive student that we’re thankful to have in our after school program, being a leader with his positive attitude and personality.

If you’d like to see Jai’Den and the work that he does in his afterschool program attend our first ever Omaha event, Build Up Omaha! You can buy tickets here!

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