Build Up Omaha Award Spotlight: Majie Winfrey

Majie is at the top of her 4th grade class with excellent grades, she has a warm, fun, outgoing personality, and she is always willing to experience new things in After School. She participates in Innovative Kids Entrepreneurship. In this class she is learning how to create her own business. Maije and 6 of her peers created their own business called”Super Surprise Slime”.

In their business they make and sale slime. They also created and designed their own t-shirts. Maije participates in Courtesy Kids learning about living and eating healthy. Maije also helped create an After School Lights On poster than won the 4th grade a pizza party. Every day Maije gets a pass from her school day teacher to come and ask my assistant and I how is our day going. She is a born leader.

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