Farewell Bri!

As with any organization, programs change, and people come and go. Today is one of those bitter sweet days for Nebraskans for Civic Reform as our first full-time Director of Voting Rights, Bri McLarty, leaves for an exciting new opportunity after over three years of building the program, first as a law clerk and then the director.

Anyone who knows Bri, will tell you that she has been a tireless and dedicated advocate for ensuring that our elections are modern and accessible for allNebraskans. Bri has built NCR’s voting rights into one of the strongest in the country for a state like Nebraska and ensured that Nebraskans can exercise their most fundamental constitutional right and duty as a citizen. Here are just some of the things the voting rights program has accomplished under her leadership:

  • Built and expanded the voting rights program to include voter engagement, voter education, and robust grassroots lobbying
  • Expanded the program to 4 full-time staffers
  • Ran two election protection programs, expanding the geographic breadth to 10 counties and recruiting over 70 volunteers
  • Worked with organizers to recruit over 600 voting rights advocates across the state in less than a year
  • Supervised and mentored 15 clerks and interns
  • Led the charge to successfully stop voter ID 3 times (LB 912, LB 111, LR1CA)
  • Put Nebraska on the map and created national partnerships and leveraged national resources
  • Created new voter education programs including Decoding the Ballot and online intake forms for out-of-state students to get assistance requesting a ballot from their home state

A modern and robust democracy does not build itself, it takes dedicated leaders like Bri McLarty. As she begins her new adventure, we want to recognize and thank her for all of her hard work to protect and expand our democracy in Nebraska.

I am proud to call her not just a colleague, but also a good friend. Please join me in thanking and wishing her well.

Adam Morfeld

Executive Director & Founder


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