Voting Rights Program: Available Internships

Join the Voting Rights Team!

NCR’s Voting Rights Program works to ensure that all Nebraskans can access and engage with their democratic institutions. We work to educate and train Nebraskans on how to interact with elected officials and provide background and educational materials so Nebraskans are informed on the issues. Operating as a team, members of the Voting Rights Program work collaboratively to achieve success and interns in this program have the opportunity to work in all areas of the Voting Rights Program.

Internships available:

Advocacy & Policy  Intern (Unpaid). Supervisor: Policy Organizer & Director of Voting Rights. Advocacy & Policy Intern will assist Director or Voting Rights with research related to elections in Nebraska and potential legislation, including independent redistricting reform and early voting trends. Under the supervision of the Policy Organizer, the Advocacy & Policy Intern will schedule and organize advocacy trainings and educational programming across Nebraska for voting rights advocates in preparation for the 2018 legislative session. Estimated hours: 10-15 per week. Eligible for class credit.

Litigation & Legislation Law Clerk (Unpaid). Supervisor: Director of Voting Rights. Litigation & Legislation Law Clerk will assist Director of Voting Rights with legal research associated with federal voting rights issues, including the Pence-Kobach Commission and Voting Rights Advancement Act. Law Clerk will also assist with research and drafting of potential legislation for 2018 legislative session. Law Clerk will have option to stay on for spring semester and assist with lobbying efforts at the Nebraska Legislature as a registered, unpaid lobbyist for Nebraskans for Civic Reform.

Interested individuals should send a cover letter and resume with references to the Director of Voting Rights at Learn more about NCR’s Voting Rights Program here or sign up to be a Voting Rights Advocate.

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