Sherman Sharks Stock Little Free Pantries in Omaha

This summer at Sherman Elementary Community Learning Center (CLC) Krystyne Sickler, a Social Work student from Nebraska Wesleyan, partnered with stakeholders within the Sherman Community to feed those in need. Over the course of the summer program 1,504 meals were provided to the residents of the Sherman community.


Maria Castenada, a Sherman community member, knew that her friends and neighbors were food insecure. She joyously began finding food she could donate to her friends and neighbors. When Krystyne heard about this she wanted to become involved in feeding those in need.

Maria and Krystyne then met with Becky Nichol, Site Director of Sherman CLC, and Dana Barker, Principal of Sherman, to explore ways to feed the community. In this meeting they formed a plan to feed the community.

Maria was so gracious to help those in need that she began collecting food donations from Blanca Mejia, Executive Director of the Latino Betterment Cooperation, in large quantities.

Maria, Krystyne, and Becky began distributing food every Wednesday afternoon at CLC dismissal. Every week Maria brought in many boxes of food that included things like bread, salad mix, fresh juices, sandwiches, and canned goods.

PantriesOver the course of five weeks 606 pounds of food equaling 504 meals were distributed to the families of the Sherman community. Also 1000 kids meals were distributed via gift cards to Arby’s courtesy of Rachel Olive, Executive Director at Hunger Free Heartland. Funding for signs, flyers, and reusable grocery bags was provided by Waste Management.

In the fall of 2017 they will continue to feed the community through the collaboration of the community members, Sherman Community Center, and CLC. These stakeholders within the community will continue to address the issue of food insecurity by distributing food weekly and placing a permanent food pantry.

Food items along with fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the community garden will be available daily. The permanent pantry will be placed outside the Community Center and is part of a program new to Omaha known as The Little Free Pantry.


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