Take Action to Expand Democracy!

LB 75 would expand democracy for people with a conviction history, removing the current two year wait and allowing individuals to register to vote once they complete their sentence. The Legislature passed the bill Monday, but this morning Governor Ricketts announced he wouldn’t sign the bill, arguing that a two-year wait is “not too much to ask”.

Tell Governor Ricketts that two years is too long to wait for the fundamental right to vote.

Two years is too long for someone who lives and works in our community, but has no say in their state or local government. When we cast a ballot, we are voting for the community we want to live in. Denying returning citizens that right denies them the opportunity to contribute to that vision, to Nebraska’s future.

The Governor doesn’t have to sign the bill, but he shouldn’t stand in the way of 7,800 Nebraskans regaining their voice in our democracy. Ask Governor Ricketts to not veto LB 75 and let it become law.

Volunteers!!Want talking points? Check out our Voting Rights Advocate page.

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4 thoughts on “Take Action to Expand Democracy!

  1. I had to wait and prove that I had reformed. I recently received a full pardon by doing what was asked of me. I believe in our way of life and in the system the Nebraska Pardon Board has set up. I also stand behind our Governor and members of that board.

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