Strengthening Democracy Award Winner: Gavin Geis

Gavin Geis is the current executive director of Common Cause Nebraska, the state chapter of a national nonprofit that has been at the forefront of making state and local government more open, ethical, and accountable. Gavin joined Common Cause Nebraska in 2013 after earning his law degree at the University of Nebraska College of Law in 2012. While focusing primarily on legislation like independent redistricting and campaign finance laws, Gavin has been an instrumental partner of NCR in pursuing legislation that modernizes Nebraska election systems and opposing harmful policies like voter ID.

Every session Gavin has been there for NCR, bringing his experience and Common Cause resources to the fight to stop voter ID and pursue modernization policies like automatic voter registration. Moving Common Cause outside the Capitol Rotunda, Gavin pushed his organization and supporters to take a more active role in voter protection. In the 2016 primary Gavin volunteered as an election observer with NCR’s election protection program in Lincoln. For the general election, Gavin recruited Common Cause supporters to volunteer and spent his Election Day volunteering with NCR’s legal team. The Voting Rights Program is grateful to Gavin and Common Cause Nebraska for their unwavering support.

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