Why AVR?

On November 8th approximately 830,000 Nebraskans cast their ballot, about 60% of those eligible  That’s high, but is it high enough? Could participation in Nebraska elections be better? We think so and that is why Nebraskans for Civic Reform wants to implement Automatic Voter Registration (AVR).

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Right now, voters must opt-in. We want to change that. Automatic Voter Registration is an “opt out” voter registration system. Under AVR when a potential voter goes to the DMV or applies for a state program, the information they provide is used to register them to vote.  I mean, why fill out a form twice? Why go to two county offices when one is enough? Why make the counties pay to collect the same information twice?  .

AVR has shown to save on administrative costs.  The state of California has shown savings of up to 40%.

Legislation like this has passed in five other states and the District of Columbia.  We are ready to make Nebraska the next state to do so, but we need your help. We are recruiting Voting Rights Advocates to talk with their senator, talk with their friends, and recruit other advocates.

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Have questions or need more information? Contact Policy Organizer Packy Colgan at packy.colgan@nereform.org or (402) 904-5191.

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