Strengthening Democracy Award Winners: Heidi Uhing and Ami Johnson

We are highlighting the award winners for our Strengthening Democracy Awards on March 31st at Chez Hay in Lincoln. Buy your tickets here.

Outstanding youth engagement programs empower young people to better understand and participate in the civic process. This year, we are excited to award Heidi Uhing and Ami Johnson, of the Unicameral Information Office, under the Office of the Clerk of the Nebraska Legislature, our Outstanding Youth Engagement Program Award.

Anna Grossman, NCR’s current AmeriCorps member, had this to say about Heidi and Ami, “Heidi Uhing and Ami Johnson both work in the Unicameral Information Office and they have helped guide NCR create the best Capitol Experience Day possible. Heidi and Ami facilitate multiple youth engagement opportunities at the Capitol,including Unicam Kids, Capitol Classroom, Unicam Youth, and The Back To School Program bringing senators all around the state and into classrooms. Ami and Heidi also publish the The Unicameral Update. The help and guidance Heidi and Ami give NCR’s Youth Civic Engagement program is invaluable.”

Congratulations to Heidi Uhing and Ami Johnson, recipient of the 2016 Outstanding Youth Engagement Program award! Join us in celebrating Heidi and Ami’s achievements at the 2016 Strengthening Democracy Awards, held on March 31st, 2016 at Chez Hay in Lincoln. Buy your tickets here.

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