Strengthening Democracy Award Winner: Faith Irvine

We are highlighting the award winners for our Strengthening Democracy Awards on March 31st at Chez Hay in Lincoln. Buy your tickets here.

Faith Irvine is a great example of a young person making a tremendous impact on her community and is the 2016 recipient of the Outstanding Civic Health Ambassador award.

NCR Director of Operations and Special Programs, Kelsey Arends had this to say about Faith, “Faith is currently a junior at Lincoln East High School, and is this year’s Outstanding Civic Health Ambassador. Last year, Faith worked with State Senator Rick Kolowski, NCR, and a team of young Nebraskans on a bill and movement called ‘Pledge to Reg.’ The bill proposed allowing 16 and 17 year-olds who go to the DMV for driver’s licenses to pre-register to vote when they turn eighteen. Faith spoke about her process and the importance of political involvement for Nebraskans of every age at the launch of the Nebraska Civic Health Index last year, and will be a facilitator at the first-ever Nebraska Civic Health Summit on April 2. For her innovation, resilience, and strong advocacy for youth political involvement, we are proud to award Faith the 2016 Outstanding Civic Health Ambassador award.”

Congratulations to Faith Irvine, recipient of the 2016 Outstanding Civic Health Ambassador award! Join us in celebrating Faith’s achievements at the 2016 Strengthening Democracy Awards, held on March 31st, 2016 at Chez Hay in Lincoln. Buy your tickets here.

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