Strengthening Democracy Awards Winner: Senator Matt Hansen

We are highlighting the award winners for our Strengthening Democracy Awards on March 31st at Chez Hay in Lincoln. Buy your tickets here.

Senator Matt Hansen, representing District 26, is the 2016 recipient of the Defender of Democracy award. Director of Voting Rights, Bri McLarty, had this to say about Senator Hansen, “Senator Hansen has consistently pursued legislation that expands accessibility to Nebraska elections. His most recent bill, LR 403, takes a proactive approach to addressing our aging election equipment. Because of his leadership we can replace voting systems before they break down, ensuring that no one is turned away at the polls because of equipment failure.”

Congratulations to Senator Hansen, recipient of the 2016 Defender of Democracy award! Join us in celebrating Senator Hansen’s achievements at the 2016 Strengthening Democracy Awards, held on March 31st, 2016 at Chez Hay in Lincoln. Buy your tickets here.

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