Strengthening Democracy Awards winner: Collective for Youth

We are highlighting the award winners for our Strengthening Democracy Awards on March 31st at Chez Hay in Lincoln. Buy your tickets here.

Collective for Youth is an Omaha-based nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring all children and youth to have expanded learning opportunities that ignite the imagination, grow the mind, and provide the foundation for success in school and life. The team at Collective for Youth have proven passionate advocates for high-quality out-of-school programs for young people.

We are excited to recognize the team members, Megan Addison, Gwyn Williams, Cary Mohiuddin, LaRon Henderson, and Nicole Everingham as this year’s Outstanding Community Partner. Kent Day, Director of Civic Engagement Programs, had this to say about Collective for Youth: “They are the beating heart of 29 after school programs across Omaha. Collective for Youth is a tireless advocate for the under-served students of Omaha. To the agencies who do the programming, they provide research, materials, professional development, and consulting on every aspect of Out of School Programs.  They do all of this and more in a spirit of collaboration and shared vision that invites the entire community to feel invested.  Collective for Youth is changing the educational landscape of after school programs.”

Congratulations to the entire Collective for Youth team, recipient of the 2016 Outstanding Community Partner award! Join us in celebrating Collective for Youth’s achievements at the 2016 Strengthening Democracy Awards, held on March 31st,2016 at Chez Hay in Lincoln. Buy your tickets here.

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