Strengthening Democracy Awards: Outstanding K-12 Administrators

We are highlighting the award winners for our Strengthening Democracy Awards on April 30th at the International Quilt Study Center & Museum in Lincoln. Buy your tickets here.

NCR is lucky to work with many incredible administrators. This year, we’re proud to award two close partners – Angie Plugge and Rob McEntarffer – with our Outstanding K-12 Administrator Award.

Angie Plugge

Angie Plugge came to Dawes when the school stood empty, but this new principal was undaunted and saw in the school a place where she could make a difference. Angie has done that. Three years later, Dawes is enjoying a renaissance due in large part to the vision and determination of Angie. Hallways are filled with active, engaged students and classrooms buzz with energy. Angie Plugge is at the heart of this renewal.

Her priority is to engage every student every day by building positive relationships, intentional teaching and learning, and fostering hope within the community and she works tirelessly to accomplish that goal.  Dawes’ after school programming is exemplary across Nebraska and the team she has assembled is a credit to her leadership.

Dawes students benefit from this leadership and from the application of cutting edge educational research. For making the difference, Angie Plugge is truly an outstanding administrator.

Dr. Rob McEntarffer

Good programs require lots of dedicated behind-the-scenes work. Ensuring that programs are effective and unnamed-1successful is one of the key components of substantive youth engagement. Dr. Rob McEntarffer is an
assessment and evaluation specialist at Lincoln Public Schools and has been a valuable resource for NCR programming.

Early on, Rob helped create effective assessments to gauge students’ perceptions of civic engagement and change in leadership and attitude after NCR programming. Assessing progress and ensuring high-quality programming remains a top priority in NCR programs.

Rob has also been a key player in production of the 2015 Nebraska Civic Health Index. The mission of the index is to document and strengthen civic health throughout the state. Through data-based observations of Nebraska’s current levels of civic health, the report develops an action-step roadmap to strengthening civic health in the future. Rob has been a strong partner dedicated to accuracy and action, both critical to the success of civic health programming. His dedication to high-quality civic education and action make Dr. Rob McEntarffer a truly outstanding K-12 administrator.

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  1. Rob Mc. Is the smartest and most unique, friendly person. He is always interested in the lastest way to educate others. He is the best!!

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