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A Love Letter to the Nebraska Unicameral

My love affair with the Nebraska Unicameral: The Nebraska Unicameral and I have had a decades long affair, filled with laughter, bickering, and more vending machine lunches than I care to admit. As the Legislature and I celebrate our 10th Valentine’s Day together, I want to share my favorite gifts and lessons it has given […]

Love Your Unicameral!

Unicameral Postcard (2)In the light of Valentine’s Day, nothing deserves more love than Nebraska’s Unicameral Legislature. Especially since some senators want to turn it into a partisan Washington DC style legislature. So sit down with the chocolates that you bought for yourself and get your daily dose of history of the unicameral. The unicameral was […]

On the chopping block: Election Assistance Commission

This morning voting rights organizations got word that a proposal was before the Committee on House Administration to eliminate the U.S. Election Assistance Commission. H.R. 634, the Election Assistance Commission Termination Act, is aptly named – proposing to eliminate the commission created to ensure that the problems that plagued the 2000 election never happen again. […]

So you want to be an Advocate? Ready for the challenge!

So you want to be an Advocate?  Ready for the challenge?   First! Figure out what you want to talk about.  There are many topics facing the Unicameral this session, ranging from voting rights to agriculture, education to tax policy.   Once you find an issue you care about, decide your position on it.  Are […]


1327 H Street, Suite 102, Lincoln, NE 68508 "Capitol Park Building"
Main Line: 402.904.5191

Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center:
University of Nebraska Omaha
6001 Dodge Street
Omaha, NE 68182
Kent Day: 402.990.8489

After School Programs

NCR manages two after school programs in Omaha and Lincoln Public Schools.

Dawes Middle School
5130 Colfax Ave
Lincoln, Nebraska 68504
Phone: (402) 436-1211

Sherman Elementary
5618 N 14th Avenue
Omaha, Nebraska 68110
Phone: (402) 457-6711


We are a group of dedicated and politically diverse young Nebraskans who are committed to strengthening our democracy through youth civic leadership programs, civic health initiatives, and ensuring our elections are non-partisan, accessible. and modern.

You can contact us at for general questions and inquires or call our office at 402-904-5191.